A little flurry over at the Luke Haines Resource over the brilliant, sharp, funny Black Box Recorder tune, "The New Diana." I tried to remain rational, but I'm afraid my shock at finding such an easily offended soul lurking in a virtual place devoted to someone who cares not whom he offends shows through too readily. I personally believe Mr. Haines to be a pop genius combining the best elements of Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, and Phil Spector.

I never thought I'd say I appreciate all The Dixie Chicks are doing for us, but there you have it. After reading a quite nicely written piece by Charles Taylor in Salon today, I'm almost- ALMOST- ready to go out and buy their album, just as a gesture of solidarity. However, the fact that I just don't care for their music prevents me. Still, in the context of literal-minded, ultraconservative country radio, they're practically Johnny Rotten. Bravo for introducing some personality into the recent pop scene, Natalie Maines and co., even if it's not through your music!

I've been watching Variety Lights, a 1950 film co-directed by Fellini and Alberto Lattuada. It's apparently Fellini's first film, and though it's far from his best work, it's still enjoyable. All the Fellini signals are there: Showbiz, a group of eccentric, variously lascivious and sad people suffering through romantic travails and financial hardship buoyed by a singularly Mediterranean optimism, Giulietta Masina. Now I'm primed to see the very interesting-looking Fellini documentary coming soon to no theatres near you, but probably to your little downtown art house.
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