New cause for excitement these days (counting down to the release date of 07/21):

...which does look remarkably like some sort of tribute to:

It’ll include three new tunes: “Satan Wants Me,” “Michael Powell,” and “Bugger Bognor.”

“Michael Powell” doesn’t seem to have much to do with the great English film director it’s named after. In fact, initial report had its title as “The Mitford Sisters,” which seems more apt. Below are some lyrics I found floating around on the Internet, along with some biography.

“Born into the ranks of the minor aristocracy and educated at home by eccentric and perennially cash-strapped parents, Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Unity, Jessica and Deborah Mitford hardly seemed the types whose exploits would generate endless fodder for the sensationalist press. But when Diana left her wealthy young husband to take up with and eventually marry Sir Oswald Mosley, infamous leader of British fascism; when Unity became close friends with Adolf Hitler and a proponent of Nazism; when Jessica, a vocal Communist, eloped with a notorious cousin who was also a nephew of Winston Churchill; when Deborah married the Duke of Devonshire; and when both Nancy (Love in a Cold Climate) and Jessica (The American Way of Death) became acclaimed, bestselling authors, the world responded with avid, insatiable and at times alarmingly intrusive curiosity. But whether adored or reviled by their public, all the Mitford sisters were engaged with (and at times embodiments of) the major social and political issues of their time.”

"Michael Powell"

I’m just a horny devil, baby
But I know how to treat a lady
With my natural charm to save me
I’m ditching out to sea

Darling, your voice is like the Home Service
I’m like a test-match commentary
And to quote a line by Sir Walter Raleigh:
“I’m a horny devil, indeed”

Here come the Mitford sisters
They’re modern, they're unique
They sent us up something rotten
They’re such a little tease

Here comes Sir Oswald Mosley
Diana Mitford, Unity
gives a birthday kiss to Hitler
She’s such a little tease

She’s a horny devil like me
She’s hot stuff like me
And at heart I’m just an old romantic
After the war, we could get married
Throw away those dirty books forever
Darling, you’re all that I need

Here come the Mitford sisters
They’re noble- we’re effete
They sent us up something rotten
They’re such a little tease

Here comes Sir Oswald Mosley
Some boys kiss Unity
They’re really kissing Hitler
She’s such a little tease

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