"THE ____ IS DEAD"

Philosophically and ideologically speaking, the loss of any human life is not something to celebrate when one is speaking strictly of human rights and what should be the innate value of human life. But some political forces and ideas need and deserve to die. I had the same reaction to the mind-bogglingly rose-colored eulogizing of Reagan, and now.... Jesse Helms is dead. Let's hope that this is one (more) sign of the end of an era that's gone on and on in this country for far too long.

"Jesse Helms' legacy is one of hatred, homophobia and racism. Although not its intent, that legacy has made our community stronger and more able to forcefully respond to bigotry and prejudice. As a community, we are more committed than ever to securing full equality for all GLBT people."

— Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign.
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